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Initial setup


Initial setup

  1. Firmly press the rubber button on the eLam Level device until you hear a click. The blue LED flashes 4 times to indicate it is visible to the eLam Level app.

  2. Open the eLam Level app, select 'Find Devices' and connect to your device.

  3. Select the 'Settings' button on the bottom navigation bar and enter your measured Axel length and Jockey wheel to axel length (as shown on the diagrams). For a tandem axel trailers measure from the centre of the 2 wheels to the jockey wheel.

  4. Then select your closest ramp height and change any other setting to your preference.

  5. Before positioning the eLam Level device in your caravan with the double sided tape, ensure the following steps have been completed:

  • Place the eLam Level device on a horizontal surface with the arrow facing towards the front of the van.

  • Try different locations in your van for best connection (preferably as close as practical to the front of the van and higher up if possible).

  • Reverse towing vehicle close to the draw bar.

  • From the drivers seat, open the app and check that it connects. If you have trouble connecting, try different device positions in the van.

  • For safety reasons, please always mount your phone in a phone cradle for better line of site to the front of the van and ease of use when moving up the ramps.

  • Also see Troubleshooting for other known connection issues.


Note: It is recommended to ensure initial setup and connection/placement checks have been made prior to travel and use.

Calibrating the device


Calibrating the device

  1. Manually level your caravan or trailer using ramps or jack and the jockey wheel.

  2. Once level, select the 'Calibrate' button in the app. Wait until calibrated.

Leveling your van


Leveling your van

  1. Place your phone in a cradle on your car dash.

  2. Select the 'Start Leveling' button when ready to find the best camping position.

  3. When the indicator is in the orange zone, you can place your ramp/s on the lowest side of the van.

  4. Move the van slowly up the ramp/s allowing time for the indicator to settle at different points. (If you have a car with low range, it will make it easier to control.) 

Decoupling and coupling your van


Decoupling and coupling your van

  1. When you have raised the jockey wheel and the van is disconnected from the car, select 'Save Hitch Angle'.

  2. Before coupling your van, select 'Adjust Hitch'.

  3. Wind the Jockey wheel up or down until the indicator is close to the saved hitch angle.

  4. Now you can reverse your car safely to the hitch knowing you are in the same position when you disconnected.

Device LED indicator


Device LED indicator

There is only one button and a single press will either turn it off or on.

  • Off and not visible to bluetooth- Red LED flashes 3 times.

  • On and visible to bluetooth - Blue LED flashes 4 times.

  • Connected to app - Green led is on.

If for any reason the device does not disconnect after the connection timeout, press and hold the button and the device will disconnect from the app.

Reset device PIN


Reset device PIN

To reset your PIN back to default PIN 1234:

  1. Press the eLam Level device button once (The red LED flashes 3 times and is off)

  2. Press the button again. (The blue LED flashes 4 times and is on)

  3. Your PIN will now be reset to the default value -1234

Replacing the batteries

Replacing the batteries

  1. Please note the important battery warning information above when replacing and disposing of your batteries.

  2. Remove the device from its mounted position IMPORTANT: Do not twist or force the device from one corner to release the double-sided tape, as it can damage the circuit board. Use a flat knife or thin wire to release the double-sided tape.

  3. Undo the 4 corner screws, peeling back each corner of the rubber under the device to access each screw.

  4. Remove the casing.

  5. Gently unclip the circuit board (hold the board on the sides and do not touch any circuitry).

  6. Remove the batteries and reinsert 2 new CR2477 3v batteries with the positive terminal facing up.

  7. Clip the board back in place the same way you took it out.

  8. Place the casing back together ensuring the center rubber for the On/Off button is aligned with the grooves in the upper and lower casing.

  9. The PIN will also be reset to the default value 1234 and the device will be in advertising mode.

  10. After connecting to the eLam Level app, change the PIN from the original default under 'Settings\Connected Device Settings.




Android 12 connection issue:  

The Android 12 upgrade may remove settings which eLam Level requires. Under Settings > Apps > eLam Level  > Permissions. Check that 'Location' and 'Nearby devices' are in the allowed section as per screen capture below. 

The app will not connect to the device:  

Some phones have bluetooth issues if more than 5 connections are attempted within 30 seconds. This can be caused if connecting to any bluetooth device. 


Solution:  Turn the phone's bluetooth connection off and on again. If this does not work, restart the phone.

The green LED will not turn off

If green LED is permanently on, long press the button on the device and it should turn off. If it doesn't turn off, remove and re-insert the batteries as per Replacing the Batteries. 

The device cannot be seen on the Find Devices page after scanning.

  • Check the device is turned on.  Blue LED should flashes 4 times.

  • Make sure the device is not connected to another phone. Sometimes even if the green  LED is off, another phone may still hold a connection. Fully close the app on any other device and remove from the background. You may need to uninstall and install the app to remove any saved settings.

  • If green LED is permanently on you will not be able to see the device. Long press the button on the device and it should turn off. If it doesn't turn off remove and re-insert the batteries as per Replacing the Batteries

The app has problems connecting from my car. 

Try moving the device to another location in the caravan ensuring it is not next to electrical equipment. Best placed closer to the front and in line with the back window of your tow vehicle.

If this does not work, the device can also be mounted on the draw bar and is fully waterproof. If doing this, keep the device square with the van and secure with cable ties for safety. To keep the device in best condition it is probably better to cover it from the elements and keep out of the sun.

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