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  • Can the device be mounted anywhere in a trailer or caravan?
    Yes! but it for better connection to the app it is preferable to be located closer to the front.
  • If I mount the device to one side or in a corner, will it affect the measurements?
    No! It makes no difference where it is mounted as it will always track to the calibrated value.
  • For a tandem axel trailer, where do I measure my axel to jockey wheel length from?
    From the middle of the 2 wheels. It is not as critical as the measurement is just used for calculating the drawbar height difference from level.
  • Can I mount the device upside down?
    No! Not at this stage. We have considered this functionality but think it could get confusing particularly if you mount the device differently to the setting making the readings incorrect. The workaround is to stick the device from the the top surface instead.
  • Can I mount the device on the draw bar?
    Yes! But mount it inline with the trailer not the drawbar pointing it to the front. Secure it properly to protect it from theft or being blow away. Cable ties would be one suggestion to help keep it in place. Do not rely on the double sided tape alone.
  • Can the app connect to devices on different trailers?
    Yes! You can switch between devices mounted on different trailers. Ensure they have different names and always reset the default password so no one accidentally connects to your device in a caravan park.
  • Can I leave the device turned on throughout the year?
    Yes! The device uses slightly more power when advertising but not connected. The main power use is when the device is connected to the app and the green LED is on. This is usually only a few times a year depending on use. You can also turn it off to use the least amount of power but this does reset the password back to the default password. You will need to change password next time you use it. For best battery life we recommend turning the device off if not being used for long periods of time.
  • Can the measurement units be changed?
    Yes! When the device is connected go to the settings page and you can select mm or inches.
  • Can the batteries be changed.
    Yes, see the help for instructions on changing the batteries.
  • What is the ramp height?
    The ramp height is the height of the ramp you are using to level your caravan. It is used to show the orange indicator on the top image and lets you visually know you are within your ramp height and can place your ramp.
  • Can the device be mounted inside an aluminium clad caravan or other van types?
    Yes! the device can be mounted internally or externally. Always check the connection works from the car before permanently mounting with the the double sided tape provided. For best connection mount as close as possible to the front of the van. If mounting externally we recommend securing with cable ties or by some other means as well.
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