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Our Mission


Here at eLamApps, our goal is to produce apps coded to simplify and recalculate time wasting systems across a diverse range of industries. We aim to provide accuracy, structure and clarity through our apps so that you can focus on what matters.

eLam Levelling App

Easy leveling of any caravan or trailer.


The eLam Level app and bluetooth low energy leveling device enables you to level your caravan or trailer without continually having to leave your car to check if you are level.

  • Lets you know when you are parked in a position where you can place your wheel ramp and achieve a level position.

  • No wiring required.

  • Battery life 5 years .

  • Adjustable device connection timeout through the app for extended battery life.

  • Power supply: 2 x CR2477 button cell batteries

  • Place anywhere in your caravan or trailer on a horizontal surface.

  • IP67 waterproof ratting.

  • Save hitch detach angle for easy reconnection to towing vehicle.

  • Highly accurate to 0.1 degree.

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